Jim's Hazardous Material Removal Services in Brisk Island, QLD 4816

Jim's Asbestos Removals Brisk Island provides a variety of services relating to the safe handling, removal, encapsulation and disposal of asbestos materials in buildings, across Australia.

You can call Jim's on 131 546 or get a Free Online Quote.

Every property is unique, from the location and site accessibility, to the extent of asbestos used, it's condition or deterioration, as well as the risk of exposure to people and pets using the property on a daily basis, to neighboring properties and businesses, through to trades maintaining the building, future property owners and their guests.

Jim's Asbestos Removals Brisk Island offers a complete end-to-end process for the safe identification of asbestos, an asbestos management plan including providing written notification if required to neighbors to ensure they are forewarned to keep their property sealed during works,  and the safe removal and / or encapsulation of asbestos containing materials from the building, through to the safe disposal of contaminated materials.

Thereafter, our Asbestos Removal standards will ensure your building site achieves an Asbestos Clearance Certificate.  Being fully insured, and backed by the security of Jim's group guarantee, you can be assured you project will be completed thoroughly and to the highest safety standards, by fully trained, police checked, licensed Asbestos Removalists.

In some cases, when balancing risk and budget, it is more pragmatic to leave the asbestos containing materials as they are, and encapsulate the materials to ensure fibres to not become airborne. Where it is safe to do so, and with the owners permission, Jim's Asbestos Removals will seek to find a pragmatic solution that keeps everyone safe, not unduly disturb further any asbestos containing building materials, and ensure budgets are met.

If at any point, Jim's Asbestos Removals decides that a project should encapsulate asbestos instead of fully removing it, we will notify you in writing of the options, expected costs and, where possible, risks of each option, before proceeding with a specific option.

It is important that  Clearance Certificate is obtained following on from works, to ensure that the building is safe to return to and be used as normal. This cannot be issued by Jim's Asbestos Removals, as it needs to be from a separate entity to those carrying out the asbestos removal works. However, we recommend Jim's Building Inspections, with whom we work with regularly to ensure the safe rehabilitation of Asbestos containing buildings and structures.

Jim's Building Inspections will also be able to assist with monitoring Air Quality post asbestos removal, Asbestos Management Plan and an Asbestos Register, where parts of the building may be known to still contain asbestos.

If you are still uncertain about whether or not the building does or doesn't contain asbestos, we always recommend you err on the side of caution.  Jim's building Inspections also offers a variety of services including: Asbestos Identification, Asbestos Testing & Air Monitoring.

For further information, please call Jim's Asbestos Removal 131 546 now, or get a Free Quote Online.  


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